Looking for the answers to getting unstuck, to overcoming doubt, to prepping yourself for success, and recovering from failure – its time you learned the SELF-COACHING skills that will help you overcome and excel in any situation!

THE ICAN Mindset Tool is a simple yet effective way to recover/propel yourself to feeling your absolute best – Even when it seems impossible! LISTEN NOW:

This Tool is a DIY guide to greatness that you don’t want to miss! Download this tool right now – and Don’t miss this very special episode of the Journey2Worthy Podcast that guides along through your tool to make for the most effective use of its power!


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It’s time to be your own Life Coach, which you may think is stupid that I share if I expect to keep enrolling coaching clients; some coaches may agree with you, but that’s not me!

To be honest…the problem with the self-development industry is that so many coaches promising to change your life, to teach you the tools to success, to prime your performance for optimal productivity…..to which you scroll down to the bottom of the page after reading 20 mins of inspiration, hopes and dreams, to see a big fat $$$$ that in an instant crushes those dreams in a single loud sigh (maybe you can tell I have been through this a time or 2).

I say this because, I have! I spent most of my adult life searching for answers, googling how to live, to thrive, to survive, often to feel extremely deflated when I realized I couldn’t afford the change I was seeking, and trust me I couldn’t afford much.

What most of you existing listeners also know is that, I am very open about my struggles with self-worth, and insecurity, with my longing to feel strong and confident, to belong, to be liked and accepted. You may also know that the more I grow, the more work I do on myself, the more I uncover the power is within me, that all I needed was to become self-aware and learn some tools to manage myself better.

And YES! There are a lot of tools and work that have gone into my self-growth, which have included having coaches and mentors, and spending time learning and investing in myself. However, the ICAN Tool I have provided here is a solid start in preparing, practicing, reflecting, and reframing your mindset to walk through this life with a little more self-love, confidence, and ease. AND ITS FREE!!!! So Please try it, and let me know what you learn about yourself!

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