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My name is Jeremy Long, Online CO-Active Coach and Podcast Host. My journey has been an adventure of failures and transformative experiences that have taught me how to walk through life as a strong confident man, and to show others how to achieve this! But it was not always this way…

Growing up gay in a small country town to a low income family raised the question of insecurity and fear from the very start. I spent years feeling lost, alone, with no guidance and no idea how to do this thing called life.

My story is a journey of questioning my identity, getting comfortable in my skin, surviving addiction, overcoming obstacles, facing adversity, trying and failing, educating myself, being of service, and creating a fulfilling life of my dreams!

As an Empowerment and Leadership Coach, I help people get clear on who they are, what they want in life, and eliminate barriers that are in their way! If you are ready to create and live a life you love, it’s time to act now!

Join me in exploring your story, and awakening the force within you!
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What They are Saying…

Javier, New York

“Teaming up with Jeremy for life coaching has been a very rewarding experience. Ever since our first phone session, he put me at ease which allowed me to open up and let myself be vulnerable without judgement. We discussed what my goals are, identified what impediments have prevented me from reaching them, and the best strategies to use to overcome those impediments and attain them. After many years of therapy, life coaching has been a great alternative that provides a space comfortable enough to express myself and a way to measure my progress. Therefore, if you’re a believer in personal growth I would definitely recommend that you schedule a session with Jeremy.”

David Jones, Vancouver
Actor, Comedian

I found Jeremy to be a dynamic listener and a eager problem solver. I felt he not only cared about what happened in the room, but also took time to plan for the next meeting based on what happened in the previous meeting. It was not a one size fit all approach.

Janet Corvino, Whistler, BC
Owner at SoulCity Yoga

Jeremy Long is skillful in his application of the CO-Active Model as well as artful in his application of its methods. When I was coached by Jeremy I felt safe and supported while working towards deep insights which led to personal clarity I had never dreamed possible. Jeremy uses compassion, a sense of playfulness and intuition while evoking personal transformation. Anyone who has the chance to work with Jeremy will benefit immensely. In part due to Jeremy’s extensive training and passion for what he does, but also due to his honest desire to help others with such kindness and open heart.

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