Ready for change in your story around money? Tired of hitting the same challenges time again? Journey2Worthy has answers for you!

Tune in this week to learn how to get in touch with your beliefs around money, and how to start shifting your habits by starting with mindset.

  • What is your story around money?
  • Whats holding you back?
  • What beliefs have you been carrying around that are no longer serving you?
  • Is it time to rewrite the story?


If you are like me, you may have some pretty negative beliefs around money, and maybe it’s getting to that point where things really need to change, maybe you’re getting sick of the story you’ve been telling yourself.

I invite you to stop focusing on changing habits, and what you’re ‘doing’ and embark on the journey to the inner you, to begin to do the ‘Inside Job’ that is required to reveal the beliefs that have been holding you hostage from your future of success!

My childhood included some pretty traumatic events around money, and most of the time there really wasn’t any, and if there was, it wasn’t for long. I learned to spend money when I had it, to splurge and enjoy myself, even to take what I could when it was around, out of fear it would not be around long.

And I am finally starting to learn how I have been programmed around money! The following research study has given me some perspective!

The Marshmallow Study, tested to see how children acted when offered one marshmallow now, or two 15 mins from now. The test was said to determine if children would be successful in their future having been willing to wait for the bigger payout in the long run. New research shows that economic status of the household heavily influenced the child’s choice; children from poor households chose the instant gratification having come to learn that they could not trust or rely on promises, as they were often broken.

This test is an example my story, what fueled the fire for the beginning of my focus on Instant Gratification, which would later take me down a path of substance abuse and eventually recovery.


What I know now is this story is no longer serving me! The past can no longer dictate my future! I am literally Tired of hearing my story, and I am ready for something new!

I refuse to let my past dictate how I operate in my future. My family did the best they could with what they have, and I want to do the same!

I am responsible for my future! And it’s time for my Inner VICTIM to be vanquished. That story is getting old! I am ready for Action!


Ready to do some work on your beliefs? I highly suggest the following resources to help you identify your beliefs, shift them, and take action toward believing in your worth around money!

Check out: ‘OVERCOMING UNDEREARNING‘ by Barbara Stanny.

Stanny defines and Underearner as “One who earns less than their potential despite their need or desire to do otherwise”

If this is you, I highly suggest taking a look at this book! Stanny is changing my life, from the inside out!

The Steps in this book help you:

  • get clear on what your internal dialogue is around money,
  • become aware of what your Saboteurs are telling you (see previous episode on Saboteurs),
  • and take action toward making serious change!

Curious to learn more: Check out this short article that provides the traits of UnderEarners, to see if you are one!

Tune in to the episode to learn how the exercises are impacting how I see myself and the language I use in my inner dialogue.


Marianne Williamson, US President Candidate and Spiritual Guru wrote, “The Law of Divine Compensation – On Work, Money, & Miracles.”

Williamson speaks on the negative sense of self, facing the inner critic, how to forgive ourselves, to turn on the love light, to let go of fear, and of judgements on money and those who have it. Speaking negatively of yourself beating yourself up, judging others, closes you off from the miracle of receiving it.

Which may sound like some esoteric crazy – but I know how easy it is to be stuck in beliefs – that success for me is not possible, to have a fixed mindset around money and my ability for success. To remain negative.

It wasn’t until I started imagining being successful, deciding I deserved more, using positive affirmations to tell myself it was possible – that’s when the clients started rolling in, when I started believing, AND…..Getting paid!

I thought for the longest time, listening to people use affirmations, was the same as listening to people brag and boast about their successes. I was filled with envy, jealousy and disbelief in myself. It was easier to judge others for their positivity, than to try it for myself – I truly did not know how. It wasn’t until I tapped into the power of coaching that I really started to see the potential in telling myself what I needed to hear, to champion myself into success.

Jen Sincero, another powerful New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, wrote: ‘You Are A Badass at Making Money

A true story of success, Sincero shares her journey from Hustle and hard work living in a New York garage as a 40 year old freelance writer, to extreme success as a LifeCoach, and eventually an author. Sincero shares the first step in success is to have serious financial goals, which means visualizing a future, more successful version of yourself. Deciding what you want, then shedding light on the current situation, and making changes to where you want to go! Again the focus here starts with mindset!


If you seek change with your Money circumstances and your Money Mindset, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your fears around money?
  • What does having money mean to you?
  • What would you do with more money?
  • What are your earliest experiences around money?
  • What are your judgments and assumptions about people with more money?

Have a Conversation with your future self, and ask them whats in store for you, and what you need to do to get the ball rolling?

And Tune in to this weeks episode of Journey2Worthy Podcast to learn more about how I face my fears. and self limiting beliefs around money and how you can too!

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