Tired of trying to change your Energy? Do you struggle with deciding you’re an extrovert or an introvert? Feel the pressures of being outgoing?

I know what it’s like always trying to fit your surroundings?

Tune in this week to learn how to manage your energy, be yourself, and honor who you are. Listen as I share my experience of how self-awareness has become the answer to feeling comfortable in my own skin, and how you can manage your energy.   

  • Do you secretly feel relief when you have people cancel plans on you, that allows you time to stay home alone?
  • Do you find you are easily drained by small talk?
  • Are you a loner?
  • Does this question trigger you?
  • Are you always on the go?
  • Do you come across as confident, friendly, assertive? Or more introspective and somewhat shy?

These questions may help you get to the route of determining if you are an extrovert or an introvert. OR, if you’re like me, you answered yes to all of these questions, because truly it depends on the circumstances and the people surrounding you, then like me, this whole energy thing has been super confusing!

Well you’re not alone!

And maybe you’re neither maybe it’s better being the AMBIVERT. One who can easily bend to either side of the the spectrum. The person who fills the energetic gap based on their surroundings.

Ambiverts are the ones who connect the extroverts with introverts, who adapt best to all scenarios. And maybe this is what we want?

Or is it?

See, maybe you’re like me and that bending to fit is what you’re used to, and maybe it has helped, but maybe it’s also exhausting, and maybe you are longing to just be yourself, and choose your surroundings.

Maybe, it’s time to start honoring what you want, and scratch the introvert/extrovert conversation completely.

I know that introverts can enjoy being around the right people, and extroverts can be drained by being around the wrong people.

What if it’s about choosing what u want. Especially at this time of year. The holiday season really is trying for people. Maybe you are expected to be at certain gatherings, but you’re secretly dreading it.

Or maybe you are striving to network or connect with some new people for your business, or find you’re future romantic partner 💕 even if it means going against your intrinsic nature.

What if it’s as simple as choosing what you want, honoring yourself, and being a full expression of your inner essence, but also stepping outside of your comfort zone to get what you want.

Tune in to this weeks episode of the Journey2Worthy Podcast as I discuss this whole energy thing, and how knowing yourself, deciding what you want, and stretching when it’s appropriate can lead to fulfilling engagements with the people around you.

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