WHO ARE YOU REALLY? Its time to dig deep to find out what makes you tick.

Knowing your values is crucial in making the right decisions in life! It’s time to uncover your True Self!

Listen to today’s episode to learn how to Reveal your Values from experiences you have already had in your life. Personal values are the principles that guide is in all of our behaviour and decision making. By asking the right questions, you can reveal what’s most important to you and start honoring your true self.

Meet Emily Young! A woman living on Purpose!

Tune in today and listen to the Stunning, Gorgeous, and very Self-Aware Makeup Artist with a Heart of Gold, Emily Young. Emily shares her keen sense of self, how she honors her values in life, and discovers that some change may be needed when her values are out of alignment.

(photo banner makeup by Emily)


These are a few of my Values! I know that I need to honr these values on an ongoing basis, or I will lose sense of who I am. I didn’t uncover them from choosing them from a list like many people would suggest you do.


Look at your answers, and reflect on the principles that are important from those thoughts! These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get to the route of who you are:

When we live in alignment with our Values, Our world makes sense! We feel content, satisfied and fulfilled, and it starts with learning what they are.

When I am living on purpose, I feel alive, and excited about what’s next. Like creating this podcast, I am able to honor my values of IMPACT, INFLUENCE, LEADERSHIP, & CREATIVITY amoungst others.

When we don’t honor our values, we feel off purpose, lost, with no meaning, frustrated and negative. Something just feels off, or not right about the way our lives are going.

Where you fall on the subject of values? Do you have an idea of what they are? If you do know them, do you know how to actually live them in your everyday life?

Don’t miss this episode of learning how to #BeYourself and Discover the Real You!

Check out what Emily is up to:

Tune in Next week!

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