What have you been avoiding or delaying out of Fear?

Tune in to today’s episode and learn how you can embrace feeling vulnerable to take a risk for something you really want. TUNE IN HERE:

Remember when you were younger, doing that thing you loved doing, when you were having fun, feeling challenged and loving it!

AND THEN….Something happened, to make you stop doing that thing. Maybe you were embarrassed so you took a break, or it seemed like too much work so you backed out, or maybe you just got ‘BUSY’ and forgot about that thing that you loved.

When you think about it, does your heart start to race, do you imagine what it would be like to try it again, but then you doubt you should……why risk feeling vulnerable?

What was that thing? AND What is holding you back?

Tune in to today’s episode of Journey2Worthy Podcast where Michael Ianni, my good friend and colleague, explore his return to the Stage and revisit his feelings surrounding a return to acting.

  • What are you not showing up for in your life?
  • What could your life look like if you stopped waiting to act on your desires?
  • How have you been avoiding vulnerability and taking risks?
  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • What would be different if you stopped fearing vulnerability?

This episode will hit home to any of you who know you are missing out on something you want, who have been holding off, making excuses, or have straight out avoided out of fear.


If you know it’s something you want, you think about, you dream about doing – and it keeps circling back in your mind – what are you waiting for? Whats stopping you? What would your Future Self from 10 years from now say to you?

On the other side of your maximum fears, are all of the best things in life.

Will Smith

(If you love Will Smith, check out this YouTube where here talks about Fear)

Listen in as Michael reflects on the power of taking action and breaking through the barriers of his own mind, with a little help from his friend & Coach and a lot of Vulnerability!

Brené Brown talks a lot about Vulnerability in her Viral Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability. As well as her many books and Netflix Special, The Call to Courage. And the world has been changed by the many insights she has shared:

“Vulnerability is not weakness. I define vulnerability as emotional risk, exposure, uncertainty. It fuels our daily lives”

“To create is to make something that has never existed before. There’s nothing more vulnerable than that.”

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”

Brené Brown

If you recall, the times when you are most proud of yourself, are probably not times where eveything was easy. It was the times of most fear, challenge, and resilience that I look back on with the fondest feelings of pride.

So do as Brené says, Be Courageous, Take emotional risks, Create from Uncertainty – Its Truly Where your your Biggest Successes will emerge from!

SO….Take a listen, Leave a comment!
I hope this leaves you with some inspiration and remember this:

No one shows up in this world with innate confidence and courage, they come as a reward for taking action!

Jeremy Long, Journey2Worthy

And if you feel moved to take action in your life, but want some guidance on HOW! What could be possible if you had some help!

Consider working with me (learn more here), to see what could be possible in your life! Book a Free Strategy Call and let’s talk about how we can create more Choice and Courage on Your Life Journey!

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