Introducing Michael Ianni, my friend and Self-Development Compatriot. You may recognize Michael from the Season 1 Finale – where he interviews me on my Journey2Worthy.

This week, the tables are turned, and Michael explores all things anyone gay & sober could ever wonder about. A TASTE OF WHAT WE COVER:

  • How Michael stopped drinking and drugging and the challenges that followed
  • How to enjoy life without substances
  • Why it’s important to have someone to share with: a coach/counselor/support group
  • How to get perspective on self-development when it feels like you’re getting nowhere
  • How Mindfulness & Yoga have altered his perception on Spirituality
  • AND How exploring the Sex Positive Community can be both overwhelming, transformative (for the good or the bad) and SUPER SEXY!


Michael now finds peace in the mountains and near the ocean. Loves to travel and take pictures. You can usually find him cycling around Vancouver enjoying the outdoors.


What I appreciate about Michael the most, is he is UNAPOLOGETIC about his self-care! He really inspires me to own what I Want & What I need from myself and from others. He is an intermediate student of yoga and is exploring mindfulness through meditation and reaching and thinking about consciousnesses.

Listen as Michael treks through the darkness of self-deception and addiction to the wonderfully funny and insightful man who graces the podcast.

Whether you are a recovering addict or someone who has ever felt like you were different than everyone else, and didn’t want to feel your feelings of doubt and pain
I PROMISE….You will get something out of it!

Don’t miss the key practices that Michael divolves upon us in this heart opening episode LEARN HOW TO REWRITE THE NARRATIVE OF YOUR LIFE!

If you want to get to know Michael better:
Check out his Instagram: @michael.ianni 
You will surely see his love of art, media, and photography
For more provocative Content
Check out his Twitter: @MichaelIanni
You may witness his no holds bar attitude toward politics, News, an Issues of the World.

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