This week is a very special treat….Finally I am diving into Spirituality at a greater depth, and to help me do so is my friend Brad Neate, You absolutely must checkout this AMAZING Guy!!!!


Brad is totally Passionate about LOVE and he has an incredible story!

Have you ever met someone who exudes confidence, happiness and a total non-judgemental attitude that leaves you feeling safe and invited to share with them…well this is what Brad- a man pure and full of nothing but LOVE!

Check out the episode here:

Brad, RMT & Meditation instructor, and overall Good Guy has shifted from young man small town Alberta, running away from life, numbing himself with substances – transformed to the awakened and bright eyed man you see here!

Check out how we dig deep into what spirituality really means, and how consciousness is achieved by focusing on, guess what? LOVE!

Brad shares how to let love in, and let go of negativity by shifting focus through mindfulness and daily practice/commitment to a spiritual way of life. We explore how a very special book called out to him, and transformed his mindset on everything!

The Course in Miracles is a spiritual movement and practice that has been mentioned to me by many people recently including some pretty impactful public figures. A guided experience to the course can be found in a book by Marianne WIlliamson called: A Return to Love. whom I look up to including Jordan Bach –  renowned life coach from New York and gay man with a serious spiritual presence in Social Media, and Gabby Bernstein, a sobriety coach and speaker who inspired the world with her books, one being ‘Spirit Junkie’ (a must read for anyone with an Esoteric side & who is passionate about spirituality in sobriety).

Brad invites me to his beautiful home on the Sea to Sky Highway in the town of Squamish, where outdoor enthusiasts thrive! Find out what his life looks like by Tuning IN! I know you’re going to enjoy!

Please go and check out all his content & sign up for a meditation event on his website:

AND be sure to start following his inspiration on Instagram:


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