I am Back!!!!! I know it’s been TOO long! I miss you all, so much!

Check out Season 2-Episode 1 Right Here:

This episode covers:

  • What I have been Busy with This summer – Work & Maybe Some Summer Love
  • What’s to come for Season 2 -More Interviews, Insights, and Practices
  • Check out my meltdown moment that led to some serious lessons learned

I have literally MISSED THIS WHOLE PODCAST THING! I am sorry to have been keeping you so long.

I am excited to share more stories, connect with more amazing folks in this crazy social media world, and to share my ongoing life lessons, which usually involve me making a huge Blunder-and picking myself up, and MOVING FORWARD!

This Year has been so eye opening, my career path has changed yet again, with some very exciting upcoming moves, which I will share about – my new Coach Role, as well as being invited by the Universe to Walk with my Head held high! I am literally buzzing with confidence and courage these days, and I want to help you do the same!

Stay tuned this season to hear about what works for me, media that helps lift me up, and be warned – this season is about exploration – Body, Spirit, and Mind! Get Ready for it yall!

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