Hello my lovelies,

This week, my guest is Chad Schmuland, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, and Inspiration to anyone who is wishing to reassess their direction and move forward to fulfill their dreams by going out on their own.




CSD Headshot

Have you ever thought to yourself?
I am not happy!
I want a new direction!
I have always wanted to be a: (Insert Dream Job or Business idea here!)

IF YES! Then you need to tune in to this episode with Chad as we discuss how failures and dead-ends can in fact be the catalyst that drives you further toward the life of your dreams!

Chad went back to school after a successful career in Retail, after finding himself unhappy with his position in life. Chad took the leap, started over, and has now found a career as a Designer that allows him to be creative in the workplace, but more importantly, to build connections and relationships with people who inspire him!

Chad and I discuss all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a designer and how his role as a professional allows him to implement an element of coaching with his clients, bringing out the best sides of them, and reflecting that in his designs!


Chad explains some of the processes in working with clients, what design training entails, and his stunning personal design style which is inspired by Miami/Ultra Modern/Beach House escape!

You will definitely want to check out Chad’s instagram Page for inspiration! Or Reach out to Chad about design for your home through his website: https://www.chadschmulanddesign.com/

I was SO thrilled to hear about the Passion Chad has for his clients,
BUT also about how much he values networking and relationships with people in his community!

Chad explains the importance of asking for help and seeking guidance from those who have already learned valuable lessons on entrepreneurship. Chad hosts Networking events regularly to help new business owners build relationships and connections to benefit everyone in his community! WOW! So Impressive!

I will be attending one of these events this week to hear speakers from some leading businesses in social media marketing and social media influence! (more info to come soon!)

From a young gay kid bullied in school (just like myself), (just like a lot of gay men who were ever in high school) to a confident, and inspiring business man who trusts his intuition, Chad shares his life authentically with us at Journey2Worthy and I know you will be as inspired by his story as I was!

SO Tune in to the podcast and let the waves of Chad Schmuland Design wash away your fears about taking a risk in business!

If you have the passion and believe in yourself, you have to listen to that voice! 
DO Something, and Take that Risk to Make it Happen!‘ (Chad Schmuland)

Miami Beach

This episode is available on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify!

Reach out to Chad about Design, Networking, or to just drop a question and connect with Chad through his website: https://www.chadschmulanddesign.com/ 
or Email: info@chadschmulanddesign.com

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for EVEN MORE inspiration!


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