This week I have something a little different, I interview Bill Hubbard, a producer and writer about his upcoming play opening this month in Vancouver. The play ‘I am Not a Girl’ portrays the life of a young person who struggles with identity, eventually leading her down a rabbit hole of confusion with sexuality, and eventually a life changing acceptance of ‘Gender Dysphoria’ which allows Erica to realize, that she in fact is ‘Eric.’

Tune in to this week’s episode here:

Bill Hubbard, writer and creator of ‘I am not a Girl’  provides a powerful explanation for his reasoning and passion behind the creation of the play while emphasizing the importance of theatre and entertainment having a role in education to the community on Trans representation and Trans rights.

For anyone that wishes to explore what this play has to offer, come join me in watching this play in Vancouver at the CULTCH (Buy Tickets Here), an innovative arts and cultural hub for VANCITY.


Please check out Bill’s website for a description on the play, but also on future productions with his organization, ‘Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Production Society,’ Catchy Name right?

As I sit with Bill, I really see the passion he has for making a difference in society today by being edgy and brutally honest and raw with the play, showing the realities, dark and light with the process of transition. Bill shares his concerns with how stigma and judgement are totally Screwed up in today’s views on Gender, and how we only now are  seeing the spectrum of identity and gender that will eventually have to change for the world.

Join me this week as Bill takes us on a journey of understanding, education, acceptance and inclusion. And please be willing to have conversations and do your own research, to help us end the stigma surrounding gender fluidity and transgender people.

Bill Hubbard Making waves with ‘I Am Not a Girl’ playing soon at the Vancouver CULTCH

Myself being a gay man with some pretty serious sis male caucasian privileges can see the struggles and only can begin to grasp the strength and courage it takes to believe in yourself, to choose who you want to be regardless of what society thinks and says. I love knowing that Bill is willing to educate the public, and I hope he does cause a stir, because maybe that’s what society needs!

ALSO…feel free to attend the special Matinee version of the play on June 24 1-3, with an interactive dialogue component starting right after the play ends to allow people to Ask the questions they want, to contribute to a discussion on gender identity, and gender dysphoria. Get educated people, its the only way to change!

Much love as you go on from here and spread the love!

Thanks for listening!

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