Meet DR. KIT! My Super Queer Positive, AMAZING friend, who pays attention to the needs of the QUEER Community in his work in medicine.


This episode features a dear friend, Dr. Kit Fairgrieve who has been working in the medical field for the last decade and has found his place in medical treatment focusing on Addictions here in Vancouver.

Kit, now works on the Addiction Medicine Consult Team and Rapid Access Addiction Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital, and is also the Associate Fellowship Director of the clinical addiction medicine fellowship.  His interests include clinical addiction medicine, medical education, and addiction research.

If any of topics below peak your interest, this episode will be great for you! TUNE IN HERE:


Do you have a problem with substance abuse? Are you considering changing your life? Do you want to understand what’s available to you? Do you want to slow things down? Or just talk about making some changes? LISTEN UP! AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED SUPPORT!!!

WHAT ABOUT SMOKING?!! Do you want to stop smoking?

Kit gives us options on what to try and where to start. Whether it’s a medication that helps with cravings (Champix), or E-cigarettes that dramatically reduce health risks when compared to smoking regular cigarettes.

Check out the book I read to quit smoking, COLD TURKEY, HERE: Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking.
Learn the tips here to quit today!

And did you know in BC, you can get a FREE 3 Month Supply of craving killing medication (Zyban or CHampix) if you call 211 and ask for support!

ALSO in VANCOUVER there is a smoking cessation clinic at Vancouver General Hospital, self-referred that will support you today!


Kit covers basics on alcohol consumption and Suggested Daily Drinking Guidelines provided by Tim Stockwell of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research, who pokes holes in the previous claim that daily alcohol (a glass of red wine at dinner) is actually good for your health.
Check out the article for more insight HERE


Kit Talks weed consumption and provides some basics of Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines(LRCUG) created in Toronto.

Check out what the New York Times says about the concerns for use of WEED, have we even heard about its effects? Check out what the NY Times says on impacts of THC HERE!


Are you having sex? Are you getting tested regularly? Is drug or alcohol use impacting your choice in sexual behaviour? Do you take any precautions?

We talk about being aware of your options and want to empower people to make good choices.

HAVE you ever accessed a Gay Health Clinic? Are you in Vancouver? Check out the Health Initiative for Men, a fabulous place to talk about your sexual health. If you need help finding a doctor to talk to in your area, please contact me to help you find one.

Being Gay & Accessing HealthCare

Kit also engages us with some insight into what it is like accessing medical services and what it means to be part of the LGBTQ community and access healthcare? Kit provides specific resources to bring forward to your doctor if you want your doctor to learn how better to serve you as a member of the QUEER community. FIND OUT MORE HERE!

AND Check out Kit’s contribution to a canadian version of this document being witten now, hopefully out later this year!

THANKS AGAIN for everything listeners! You are the best!


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