Welcome to my very first episode with FEMALE content! Yes ladies and gentleman, this show is not only about gay men, and the journey 2 worthy through my eyes! Meet Kayla LaSaga, founder of startup fitness business: LA SAGA Fitness! The Saga of fitness continues, and you can join Kayla on your Journey, through Online fitness programs tailored to all levels of sport and ability!


Kayla has come a long way from her early days coming out as a lesbian in a small town on the eastern coast of Canada in Newfoundland charging forward with a big move across the country to the colorful land of Vancouver, BC.

Kayla courageously offers her experience forging through a severe depression which literally kept her down, both physically and mentally, but has come around the other side and shares her message of hope and how fitness and nutrition has been the shining light out of the darkness of depression. TUNE IN HERE:

Learn how Kayla chose to take back her life, pushing back against adversity in her mind and in the world.


I learn how Kayla too suffered from societal and peer pressure to fit a certain image of femininity (or masculinity). Through time, and exploration Kayla has come to a place where she feels good about herself, and has found comfort in honoring her true self as a lesbian business owner!

We talk everything from small town life, mental health, to Fitness competition and business leadership. We also take it to the roof to get some stretch on!


By the way, Kayla is a knockout! And ladies out there should take note of Kayla being on the scene! Enjoy this week’s episode with Kayla and I, and please check out Kayla;s website at:

Reach out to Kayla on instagram

AND leave a comment in the box below to let us know how you enjoyed the episode.


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Thanks for a great time so far Journeyers! Sending you positive vibes!


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