Meet the #SelfieAddict with a cause. Chad Walters joins me this week on the show sharing his own Journey 2 Worthy.

30739734_10155872717088591_442721483660197888_n.jpgI have observed Chad completely transform his life, from an insecure young man (much like myself), battling drug addiction, making a decision to fight back against his insecurities and demons – into the stunningly gorgeous and formidable man he is today. From fighting his own inner bully to now fighting the good fight for worthy causes in the Queer Community!


On PART 1 of the Interview with Chad, I learn about all of Chad’s volunteer work that have made a difference. From standing up for the right for Gay Men (or any men who have had sex with men) to donate blood with his work with Canadian Blood Services.

I find out what it takes to make a difference in a world that pushes back against change, especially when it comes to Gay rights!

30711801_10155872716778591_1417837496900780032_nChad discusses his frustration with the fight for Trans visibility in the workplace, and the slow progression to making change in public health organizations that tend to get hung up on previous definitions of gender and sexuality. Meanwhile, some of these struggles fail in comparison to the fight for refugees seeking asylum in Canada due to their sexuality and expression. Chad reminds me of the freedom we have in Canada to live a life of authenticity due to the legal protections we have.

We discuss what it’s like to Re-define who you are! Figure out what you want your life to look like, using tools like fitness, personal development and even Social Media to GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Want to meet more people? make a difference? Make friends in your community? Dress up? Chad explains that ‘Volunteering can be a party!’ Find a cause that speaks to you: It can be a blast because you get to dress up and make a statement, something I want to do more of! He looks Fierce in Heels by the way!14188418_877264712407243_4582128977310499238_o


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