WELL….I seem to want to talk about SEX and DATING….there’s just always so much to discuss….

This week I talk openly about how a Break from Sex and Dating, and Online Apps is exactly what I needed to step back and evaluate what I want when it comes to sex and dating. Taking an inventory to determine what you really want is important once in a while.


Do you fall in love to fast? Are you lonely? Do you enjoy your own company? I had to ask myself this when determining what my next step was after reviewing my sex and dating experience. Check out this video to see if you can relate to me, trying to make something happen when maybe it has ran its course, hoping to make a boyfriend from what could just be a beautiful moment in my life. 


Do you choose the right people to date? Are you distracted by attention, also things I needed to look at in my own dating life. WHICH IS WHY I TOOK THE #DateyourselfChallenege to learn how to enjoy my own company. Check out these articles to see if you need a break:
10 Reasons to Date Yourself
6 Reasons you should take a break from dating
AND how to do it by reading these articles:
How to Date Yourself in 10 Ways
The Super-Awesome Guide to Dating Yourself

Heck I even Took a break from masturbation to see if I had an unhealthy relationship with it, and the use of porn. Tune in to find out what I learned from it all.

I also bring in some research on the use of dating apps and Mental Health that state hookups could be lighting up the same part of the brain that drugs like COCAINE DO? YIKES, no wonder we want it! Are we using sex and hookups in a healthy way? Check out this article for more info: How Grindr is Affecting Gay Men’s Health

What if you want a date, not a hookup? Are you even DTF? This article speaks to how a hypersexualized community leads some men to feeling out of place, how hard is it to find a date for saturday night anyways? Check out: Not every gay man is DTF

SO…What if there was an app, that let you decide if you want to connect with people for dates, sex or just chat to make friends? WELL…Guess what, I have been chatting with a new App, that gives you a choose your own adventure approach to Dating Apps. Check out the MUSL App getting big in the USA, but hopefully stretching its way to Canada soon! They have the funnest Promo Vid for the app!

OH and DON’T FORGET to check out this SUPER CUTE Therapist who has been inspiring me to spend time looking at what I want, and agreeing that sometimes it is tough to face ourselves, to do self-work to be the best partner I can be, but I am willing to put in the work, are you?

If you have questions about my break from sex and dating, how I face my demons, and try to grow and learn how to be the best man I can be – Please reach out and let me know what you’re going through!


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