Spicy Topic this week!

SEX, Masculinity, Authenticity, Identity, and more! I talk ‘Masc 4 Masc’ with my friend Hod Allen. What does masculinity mean to you? Check it out here!

Hod Allen is a total stud, I can say that because he is a good friend of mine! I interviewed Hod this week because Masculinity is a topic I have questioned for years, and I see Hod as someone extremely masculine. Buff, Bearded and deep voiced, Hod represents masculine to me, but when we dive into the topic, I soon realize that like all men, ESPECIALLY GAY MEN, Hod has struggled with the how masculinity impacts identity and how a need to appear masculine is a common desire among men.

Hod shares his journey from being a minister, coming out in his late twenties, to his current place of self-acceptance and self-love, which is extremely evident in his care and concern for those around him.

Gender Stereotypes & Gender roles in gay relationships come up, leading us to a pretty open chat about SEX & Sexual Position! Hot Stuff! TUNE IN!

Want some MORE CONTENT? Check out:

  • The Masks of Masculinity – book by Lewis Howes, New York Times Best Selling Author and podcast host of the School of Greatness, one of my biggest influences!
  • Matt Cain’s study on masculinity in the Guardian (statistics on how gay men strive to appear more masculine, influencer in behaviour and self-perception)
  • Perceptions of gay mens masculinity (a 2017 study exploring gay culture, self-labels, sexual position, voice pitch & what that all has to do with masculinity and how Gay Men See themselves!)
  • Masc4Masc Podcast (hosted by my new friends Chris & Trent from Salt Lake City- 2 hilarious boys who share openly and honestly about their loves, hates, and their personal lives, you’ll laugh so hard when you hear these boys!)
  • Ross Mathews – SEE BELOW (recurring guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race) shares a message on BEING YOURSELF, not listening to people that tear you down or imply you should be anything but the person you are. Be Loud and Proud, and 100% you! WATCH THIS! It will make you feel good about yourself!

This is a fantastic interview that brings up some serious perspective on SEX, Masc Men, and how to define your identity!

I hope you enjoy!

AND QUESTION? Do yall wanna hear about my experiences in the Kink and Fetish community? Or more on Sex and Self Esteem? Do you wanna see some amazing fetish wear?

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Happy Humpday everyone!


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  1. Thanks for the Masc4Masc shoutout, Jer! I’ve been having a blast listening to your episodes and hope to meet IRL one day 🙂

    Lots of love from SLC!


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