This week hosts a special interview with a lovely man I met during my travels in Bali. Introducing Emils (check out his Instagram)! We share what it’s like to see the world as an adventure playground, exploring culture, mindset, and most importantly ourselves, and how we fit in the world being gay men.

From South East Asia, to the Arctic, and back home to Europe, Emils spends time each year imagining his next vacation and adventure! The episode covers Traveling Abroad, safety in countries where Gay is Not Ok, Tips for planning your dream trip (see websites for cheap flights below), and how relationships built on travel become life long bonds that change you as a person.


I question Emils about his experience ‘Coming Out’ to new people he meets, as I found it was like coming out the closet all over again! And the inevitable goodbyes that accompany a Wanderlust Lifestyle, Emils says that Goodbyes are not the same with travel, that a temporary Farewell is more appropriate.

I hope you all enjoy this episode, and please reach out to us on social media or in the comment box below,  and let us know about your travels!

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