Online dating! What a concept! We have moved from meeting in bars, at events, and in the streets, to an online, virtual gay space (5:45), where anything goes. Episode 5 of Journey2Worthy provides a summary of a thesis study I conducted last year looking at the negative impacts of online dating in the gay community. Download here:

With the partnership of the Health Initiative for Men (HIM), a local Gay Health Organization, I was able to survey 175 men about their online dating and hookup behaviour, with insights into what ways to help make online dating apps a safe space for everyone.


I outline clearly what these apps are all about, and some risks associated with App use (5:00). Findings of the study (8:00-16:00) highlight themes which emerge in the data showing certain ‘Sexpectations‘ in hookup culture are leaving people feeling less than HOT!

When it comes to feeling worthy, I know it’s all about acting with respect for others, and respect for myself. It’s about living without feeling bad about my choices, or going through with unwanted sexual activity, but in the past I have had sex that’s left me feeling foolish, disappointed, and even hurt. I know I am not alone, which is why this research and episode is so important!

HIM is known for their work in the community, supporting gay men and encouraging everyone online to take responsibility for how their words impact others. HIM’s campaign Think Before you Type, is a perfect example of the kind of awareness the community needs to respecting one another, promoting neutral language, avoiding preference statements, and spreading love, not hate!

Picture9Apps can be a great way to meet guys and connect with people you wouldn’t normally meet! But remember that respect in the online realm is super necessary for us all to have a good time! I hope you find whatever kind of sex/dating you’re looking for, and join me and spreading respect and love!

MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN all the way to minute 20:00 when I go over my tips for screening dates, and getting real with what you really want in online connections !

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A Youtube video of the thesis presentation will be available soon!
And if you wanna read my thesis: here it is: Jeremy Long Online-dating and Risk of Victimization

If you would like to have me come and discuss this study at your organization please contact me by email at long.jdu@gmail.com

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