The first ‘Getting Personal’ Episode, where I lay it out, getting honest about my true feelings and experiences.

This week I share my journey 2 love and the story of 2 men that changed my life! Lessons in love, travel, and a movie scene worthy romantic adventure! Hear it all in this special episode.

Not to mock Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love), but I lived a truly Eat, Gay, Love experience! I even found my own Brazilian man at the end of my time abroad (I couldn’t make this stuff up, it actually happened). Love had its way with me, and I will always have fond memories of the special times I shared with him, following my heart across continents, acting on impulse (an expensive choice, no doubt). I have accepted the lessons that came with leaving, and having to face myself on my return to Canada. Identifying patterns in how I love and the validation I often seek in relationships has pushed me to take time for myself for the first time ever (I am actually getting to know myself, it feels like for the first time, this needed to happen).

Ever taken time to date yourself? You should give it a try, hear about all the benefits of my experience and how I am putting me first. This is what I am doing to honor myself, my time, and my heart & all the benefits of taking time to date myself.

Join me on the journey as I bare it all.


  1. Love this story Jeremy, good words to share! I’m proud of your growth everyday and the change of the great guy that you have become since I’ve known you! You are a special friend, keep up with the great work with this! Cheers!


  2. Love your share, Jer! 🙂 A reason, a season or a lifetime… so nice when we can see and enjoy our experiences (romantic or otherwise) from that perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

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