Welcome back, This week is all about taking risks, trying new things – Getting Out of your comfort zone!

Quit playing it safe! You don’t know what you are capable of until you try? And wouldn’t it be nice if the ideal you in you mental reality could manifest into your physical reality? Do things that freak you out!

What I learned watching 127 Hours with James Franco, and how you can acclimatize yourself to anything when you have the courage to put yourself in the game, you will always figure it out! (3:00)

How does Elizabeth Gilbert feel about us living the life that we want? (4:45)

How my trip to Bali allowed me to grow by trying new things, and learning what I am capable of. When I stop worrying about how the world sees me, and just show up and do my best, I get to grow into the person I want to be, and so can you! (6:00)
Taking yoga at the Yoga Barn helped really boost my self-esteem until I took the class filled with Yogi Pros! What a trip that was! (7:00) Luckily I learned how yoga is about an individual practice, not a competitive sport! But speaking of sport, I took up surfing, and got to ride my first wave! I was terrified of looking stupid, but I took the risk and did it anyway! Check me out riding my first wave: (13:00)

This wave looks tame, but man it changed me! And here is the emotional video I recorded right after I finished my surf lesson!

Walking through fear, letting go of looking stupid, and giving up the need to be perfect at everything, that is my lesson here!

I also cover a tool I learned from Tim Ferris, called Fear setting, which has you outline the worst possible outcome of a potential action step we take, and then has you outline steps to recover in case taking a risk equates to a negative response. When we face fear, we realize that no matter what – WE WILL RECOVER! WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT! (15:00)

And WHAT IF? What if your life is actually going according to plan. Maybe you need to take a chance and take steps toward a goal you’ve been talking about, like starting your blog. My friend Kyle Gould launched his blog after we had a chat about just taking the first step, taking the risk, knowing that you will figure it out! https://www.kylegould.com/ (20:00)

Go Out, take risks! Label your fears, and get in the game!

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Take care friends!

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