Episode 15: Getting Real Part 2: Dealing with Bad Days & Depression.

This week….was a hard week. Like really hard! And I didn’t know how to get through it, because sometimes the dark part of the mind takes over, and makes you feel alone, and helpless.

Well, I luckily have learned that the only way I can get through it, is to trick myself into doing what I don’t want to, but that I know is right. SO, Please tune in this week, and listen to me get real with you about depression, substance use, and how I deal with life sometimes, even when it seems super tough to handle.

I know you can do it too!

Tune in here:


If you need help, you feel alone, and you are struggling, reach out! DON’T DO THIS ALONE!


The biggest lesson I have learned is that by myself I end up scared, alone, and not knowing the way of my own dark moods and situations in life. BUT…when I get vulnerable, and stop trying to figure it out on my own, when I stop fearing looking weak to my friends and loved ones, and let go of the fear that my feelings will just be a burden on those around me……


If you have been feeling down, and don’t know how to shake the negativity, and if your mood is affecting your life, you’re sleeping too much, you can’t shake the feeling of doom and gloom…TAKE THIS LITTLE TEST: SELF CHECK


If you please if you need help accessing or finding services in your area, please reach out to me here on my website, on instagram or send me a direct email: long.jdu@gmail.com

NO ONE should need to feel alone if they are dealing with dark feelings that are holding you down, and making you feel bad about yourself.


I just really don’t want to hear about any more gay men, or and queer people feeling that suicide and self harm and abuse is a solution to pain, PLEASE, reach out!

I wish you all the most amazing week, and I am sending you all amazing vibes!

LOVE, Jeremy

Episode 14: How to be Brave and find the Light Within with Piotr (Singer, Songwriter)

Piotr, friend, and inspiration joins Journey 2 Worthy this week sharing his journey with us. Piotr has come a long way in his life, and shares openly about the struggles he has overcome on his way to becoming the successful artist he is today.


Piotr may be the most optimistic person I know, his gentle and inviting attitude will surely have you keen to learn the daily practices and habits he has in place that help him see the world from a place of love and opportunity. Tune in to this special interview with Pitor here:

Some of the gems you will see in this episode:

  • Overcoming substance abuse
  • Negative Self-talk
  • Daily Habits and Mindset
  • Meditation (The Thinker & The Observer)
  • Failing forward – How failure shapes our success in life
  • Enjoy today & Stop waiting for success to make you happy
  • Gratitude & Self-Appreciation
  • How to break into the music industry and overcome FEAR!
  • Handling rejection and doing it anyway!

Piotr shares insight into what inspires him, mentioning how he is no longer afraid of rejection as it led him to push harder and keep trying, he reminds me even J.K.Rowling author of the Harry Potter series was rejected numerous times leaving her feeling lost, depressed and even suicidal. Rowling would eventually become the first person on Earth to ever make $1 Billion writing books. Learn more of her inspiring story (click here).

Piotr also provides his inspiration for self-appreciation in Ester Hicks’ book ‘Ask and it is Given’  as well as practicing Gratitude and shifting energy to a positive mindset, forcing yourself into a new frequency of living.

Check out this video in shifting mindset to a place of appreciation and positivity!

I Know you will find inspiration in Piotr! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR HOW HIS STORY HAS IMPACTED YOU!




Facebook: PIOTR
Instagram: @piotr.music

It’s not always easy, but you can shift your life, your mindset, your experiences! I believe in you!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

Please reach out, and let me know what Journey 2 Worthy can do to help!

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Episode 13: Flat to Fit! Overcoming Depression with Kayla LaSaga

Welcome to my very first episode with FEMALE content! Yes ladies and gentleman, this show is not only about gay men, and the journey 2 worthy through my eyes! Meet Kayla LaSaga, founder of startup fitness business: LA SAGA Fitness! The Saga of fitness continues, and you can join Kayla on your Journey, through Online fitness programs tailored to all levels of sport and ability!


Kayla has come a long way from her early days coming out as a lesbian in a small town on the eastern coast of Canada in Newfoundland charging forward with a big move across the country to the colorful land of Vancouver, BC.

Kayla courageously offers her experience forging through a severe depression which literally kept her down, both physically and mentally, but has come around the other side and shares her message of hope and how fitness and nutrition has been the shining light out of the darkness of depression. TUNE IN HERE:

Learn how Kayla chose to take back her life, pushing back against adversity in her mind and in the world.


I learn how Kayla too suffered from societal and peer pressure to fit a certain image of femininity (or masculinity). Through time, and exploration Kayla has come to a place where she feels good about herself, and has found comfort in honoring her true self as a lesbian business owner!

We talk everything from small town life, mental health, to Fitness competition and business leadership. We also take it to the roof to get some stretch on!


By the way, Kayla is a knockout! And ladies out there should take note of Kayla being on the scene! Enjoy this week’s episode with Kayla and I, and please check out Kayla;s website at:

Reach out to Kayla on instagram

AND leave a comment in the box below to let us know how you enjoyed the episode.


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Thanks for a great time so far Journeyers! Sending you positive vibes!


Episode 11: Making a Difference with Chad Walters PART 2

Meet the #SelfieAddict with a cause. Chad Walters joins me this week on the show sharing his own Journey 2 Worthy.


PART 2 is now available here with CHAD:

When we discuss how #SELFIES & SOCIAL MEDIA can be used to better your self-esteem and help build Community & Connection!

Check out Chad’s view on Selfies in his blog titled #LOVEYOURSELFIE(CLICK here) where he discusses how inevitably, YES we would appreciate ‘likes’ on our posts, and YES, they do impact self-esteem and confidence! But do they need to reflect our entire self-worth: NO! Chad suggests that you: #Loveyourselfie & Take part in creating your own self-confidence with the use of Social Media!

ALSO check out Chad’s research paper on Social Media and Mental Health, READ IT HERE: SNSs and Mental Health.

Chad explores how self-esteem is impacted by social media and apps like Instagram. He brings forward an important point in this paper, how lifestyle envy and FOMO (fear of missing out) are more prevalent among those who follow too many strangers online.

Don’t miss on PART 2 of the interview we discuss how the general public forgets that the perfect photo of a yoga pose, or all the travel photos make the person appear superhuman, or super-rich, but when you actually know the person, you can see there’s more to them than perfection.

Chad and I encourage you to reach out to people you follow online, to ask them how they got to where they are, you’d be surprised how they may respond! Chad states: ‘I have made great friends through SNSs (social network sites), and I actually feel part of something special, which is in stark contrast to growing up feeling apart from.’ A comment I agree with completely! He also urges us to look at social media through a lens of curiosity and excitement, rather than of concern.



THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT WEEK OF ENGAGEMENT! I love all you friends on the journey sharing your moments with me!

I am heading to a special workshop in Seattle this weekend (April 20-22) to make more connections and friends on my Journey. Follow me on Instagram as I document my time at the Namasgay Spiritual Summit. Hosted by Frank Macri, a Gay Public Speaker, Business Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, the Namasgay Movement aims to create a community of positive and mindful LGBTQ leaders

Episode 11: Making a Difference with Chad Walters PART 1

Meet the #SelfieAddict with a cause. Chad Walters joins me this week on the show sharing his own Journey 2 Worthy.

30739734_10155872717088591_442721483660197888_n.jpgI have observed Chad completely transform his life, from an insecure young man (much like myself), battling drug addiction, making a decision to fight back against his insecurities and demons – into the stunningly gorgeous and formidable man he is today. From fighting his own inner bully to now fighting the good fight for worthy causes in the Queer Community!


On PART 1 of the Interview with Chad, I learn about all of Chad’s volunteer work that have made a difference. From standing up for the right for Gay Men (or any men who have had sex with men) to donate blood with his work with Canadian Blood Services.

I find out what it takes to make a difference in a world that pushes back against change, especially when it comes to Gay rights!

30711801_10155872716778591_1417837496900780032_nChad discusses his frustration with the fight for Trans visibility in the workplace, and the slow progression to making change in public health organizations that tend to get hung up on previous definitions of gender and sexuality. Meanwhile, some of these struggles fail in comparison to the fight for refugees seeking asylum in Canada due to their sexuality and expression. Chad reminds me of the freedom we have in Canada to live a life of authenticity due to the legal protections we have.

We discuss what it’s like to Re-define who you are! Figure out what you want your life to look like, using tools like fitness, personal development and even Social Media to GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Want to meet more people? make a difference? Make friends in your community? Dress up? Chad explains that ‘Volunteering can be a party!’ Find a cause that speaks to you: It can be a blast because you get to dress up and make a statement, something I want to do more of! He looks Fierce in Heels by the way!14188418_877264712407243_4582128977310499238_o


Episode 10. What’s Wrong With Me? Falling in Love Too Fast! How to Date Yourself!

WELL….I seem to want to talk about SEX and DATING….there’s just always so much to discuss….

This week I talk openly about how a Break from Sex and Dating, and Online Apps is exactly what I needed to step back and evaluate what I want when it comes to sex and dating. Taking an inventory to determine what you really want is important once in a while.


Do you fall in love to fast? Are you lonely? Do you enjoy your own company? I had to ask myself this when determining what my next step was after reviewing my sex and dating experience. Check out this video to see if you can relate to me, trying to make something happen when maybe it has ran its course, hoping to make a boyfriend from what could just be a beautiful moment in my life. 


Do you choose the right people to date? Are you distracted by attention, also things I needed to look at in my own dating life. WHICH IS WHY I TOOK THE #DateyourselfChallenege to learn how to enjoy my own company. Check out these articles to see if you need a break:
10 Reasons to Date Yourself
6 Reasons you should take a break from dating
AND how to do it by reading these articles:
How to Date Yourself in 10 Ways
The Super-Awesome Guide to Dating Yourself

Heck I even Took a break from masturbation to see if I had an unhealthy relationship with it, and the use of porn. Tune in to find out what I learned from it all.

I also bring in some research on the use of dating apps and Mental Health that state hookups could be lighting up the same part of the brain that drugs like COCAINE DO? YIKES, no wonder we want it! Are we using sex and hookups in a healthy way? Check out this article for more info: How Grindr is Affecting Gay Men’s Health

What if you want a date, not a hookup? Are you even DTF? This article speaks to how a hypersexualized community leads some men to feeling out of place, how hard is it to find a date for saturday night anyways? Check out: Not every gay man is DTF

SO…What if there was an app, that let you decide if you want to connect with people for dates, sex or just chat to make friends? WELL…Guess what, I have been chatting with a new App, that gives you a choose your own adventure approach to Dating Apps. Check out the MUSL App getting big in the USA, but hopefully stretching its way to Canada soon! They have the funnest Promo Vid for the app!

OH and DON’T FORGET to check out this SUPER CUTE Therapist who has been inspiring me to spend time looking at what I want, and agreeing that sometimes it is tough to face ourselves, to do self-work to be the best partner I can be, but I am willing to put in the work, are you?

If you have questions about my break from sex and dating, how I face my demons, and try to grow and learn how to be the best man I can be – Please reach out and let me know what you’re going through!


Reach out on:
Twitter: @Journey2jeremy
Instagram: @Journey2Jeremy
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Episode 9 – Part 2 of Interview with Sex Therapist – SEXUAL SELF ESTEEM

This week features Part 2 of Interview with Sex Therapist, Lynden. Diving deeper into dealing with the disconnect between the sex we want, and the sex we have.

We explore everything from how sex affects self-esteem, to the use of substances and sexuality in the gay community, to sexual assault. From navigating online dating and hookup apps, voicing preference without sounding like an asshole, to sexual position and how maybe there’s more to it than just TOPS & BOTTOMS!

Maybe a sex therapist isn’t what you need when it comes to getting that perfect date, but I was definitely glad to have Lynden expose how some of my own beliefs around sex need to be challenged. By trying to identify where our beliefs come from, we can start to see if they are serving us well, or leaving us feeling ‘different’ and often unworthy of the sex and dating life we strive for.

Check out Part 2 of interview with Lynden Neudorf and dive deeper into what drives sexual behaviour in the gay community,  how activities like yoga can teach you to love yourself, and join me in exploring my own challenges in belonging, letting myself WANT WHAT I WANT, and hoping to get out there and meet the right guy!

Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned soon for another episode of ‘Getting Personal’ with me soon as I share lessons learned during my break from sex, dating, & masturbation (if you can believe it), coming soon!


Episode 8: Sex Positive. Healing Your Sexual Identity with Sex Therapist Lynden Neudorf : PART 1


Introducing Lynden Neudorf


Part 1 with the Sex Therapist Interview takes us into the realities of SEX! How Lynden’s clients can explore their sexuality, encourage open communication in relationships to overcome ‘Desire Discrepancy,’  and empower those living with illness and HIV to have the sex they want – and build sexual self-esteem.

This has been one of my favorite topics on the podcast, maybe because I get to talk candidly about my own sex life, and exploring KINK. I divulge my own experience with KINK, and my time at Folsom, the leather fair and street sex celebration in San Francisco.


We explore having a ‘Sex positive’ attitude, what that means, and how to navigate a world where sometimes ‘sex positivity’ is overpowered by ‘Slut Shaming’ in the gay community.

Lynden Neudorf works for Vancouver Coastal Health, operating out of one of my favorite agencies, the Health Initiative for Men, an organization for all Gay, Trans and all Men who have sex with Men, providing a safe space for STI and sexual testing, counseling, an a plethora of community engaged activities and workshops that help contribute to a community that talks about their sexuality, and encourages safe healthy sexual decisions.

Enjoy Part 1 of this Episode, with Part 2 being Released next week.

Learn more about Lynden and what he does as a sex therapist at http://www.lyndenneudorf.com

AND SPECIAL NOTE – Tune in later this week where I get personal again on my break from SEX & Dating after my time abroad, and how it impacted my Self-Identity.

Catch ya later, Journeyers!

Episode 7 Masculinity Vs. Authenticity. Masc 4 Masc vs. the Real You!

Spicy Topic this week!

SEX, Masculinity, Authenticity, Identity, and more! I talk ‘Masc 4 Masc’ with my friend Hod Allen. What does masculinity mean to you? Check it out here!

Hod Allen is a total stud, I can say that because he is a good friend of mine! I interviewed Hod this week because Masculinity is a topic I have questioned for years, and I see Hod as someone extremely masculine. Buff, Bearded and deep voiced, Hod represents masculine to me, but when we dive into the topic, I soon realize that like all men, ESPECIALLY GAY MEN, Hod has struggled with the how masculinity impacts identity and how a need to appear masculine is a common desire among men.

Hod shares his journey from being a minister, coming out in his late twenties, to his current place of self-acceptance and self-love, which is extremely evident in his care and concern for those around him.

Gender Stereotypes & Gender roles in gay relationships come up, leading us to a pretty open chat about SEX & Sexual Position! Hot Stuff! TUNE IN!

Want some MORE CONTENT? Check out:

  • The Masks of Masculinity – book by Lewis Howes, New York Times Best Selling Author and podcast host of the School of Greatness, one of my biggest influences!
  • Matt Cain’s study on masculinity in the Guardian (statistics on how gay men strive to appear more masculine, influencer in behaviour and self-perception)
  • Perceptions of gay mens masculinity (a 2017 study exploring gay culture, self-labels, sexual position, voice pitch & what that all has to do with masculinity and how Gay Men See themselves!)
  • Masc4Masc Podcast (hosted by my new friends Chris & Trent from Salt Lake City- 2 hilarious boys who share openly and honestly about their loves, hates, and their personal lives, you’ll laugh so hard when you hear these boys!)
  • Ross Mathews – SEE BELOW (recurring guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race) shares a message on BEING YOURSELF, not listening to people that tear you down or imply you should be anything but the person you are. Be Loud and Proud, and 100% you! WATCH THIS! It will make you feel good about yourself!

This is a fantastic interview that brings up some serious perspective on SEX, Masc Men, and how to define your identity!

I hope you enjoy!

AND QUESTION? Do yall wanna hear about my experiences in the Kink and Fetish community? Or more on Sex and Self Esteem? Do you wanna see some amazing fetish wear?

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Happy Humpday everyone!


Episode 6: Gays Abroad. Coming Out in Travel



This week hosts a special interview with a lovely man I met during my travels in Bali. Introducing Emils (check out his Instagram)! We share what it’s like to see the world as an adventure playground, exploring culture, mindset, and most importantly ourselves, and how we fit in the world being gay men.

From South East Asia, to the Arctic, and back home to Europe, Emils spends time each year imagining his next vacation and adventure! The episode covers Traveling Abroad, safety in countries where Gay is Not Ok, Tips for planning your dream trip (see websites for cheap flights below), and how relationships built on travel become life long bonds that change you as a person.


I question Emils about his experience ‘Coming Out’ to new people he meets, as I found it was like coming out the closet all over again! And the inevitable goodbyes that accompany a Wanderlust Lifestyle, Emils says that Goodbyes are not the same with travel, that a temporary Farewell is more appropriate.

I hope you all enjoy this episode, and please reach out to us on social media or in the comment box below,  and let us know about your travels!

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