If you are on your personal Journey 2 Worthy, or embarking on your very own Leadership Journey, Co-Active Leadership Coach, and proud Queer Man, Jeremy Long, can help you achieve the results you want for you, your team, and your life!

Jeremy offers personal and professional coaching for Individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as group training and workshops. Check out what service is best for you, and your team!

Jeremy has a commitment to serving anyone in the LGBTQ2+ community who is ready to take the next step in their personal leadership growth and development, his mission is to coach leaders that create leaders, thus making this world a more inclusive, and empowering space to play and work!

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.

John Maxwell

How can we help:

Leadership Development & Coaching
Queer & DEI Lens on Leadership & Career Growth
Emotional / Social Intelligence Training
Mental Fitness Tools to Support Resilience Mindset
Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Initiatives
Team Alignment & Conflict Coaching

Meet your Coach

My name is Jeremy Long, Certified CO-Active Coach and Podcast Host. Before I felt comfortable as a leader, I battled imposter syndrome and insecurity, on a Journey 2 Worthy, often feeling isolated and judged for my queer identity. I have come to learn I am not alone. My journey is an adventure of discovery and transformation that teaches me to embrace challenge and live a life of purpose and value, embracing my authentic expression as the Queer Man I am!

I am privileged to develop dynamic leaders in the Queer Space who dare to grow as I have. As a Leadership Coach, I help leaders to embody leadership in all areas of their lives by getting clear on a vision, and eliminating barriers in their way!

Coaching with Jeremy…

If you are ready to develop your inner leader, and awaken the force within you! Let’s Talk!!

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Check out the Journey 2 Worthy Podcast where Jeremy shares his personal stories, interviews special guests, and offers Self Coaching tips to help you with any challenge you may be facing! Because everyone deserves to Life a Life they Love!

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What They are Saying…

Alain Mutricy, San Francisco, California
Executive, Strategic Partnerships, SPRIM Ventures
I have had the privilege to work, train, coach and be coached by Jeremy for 18 months. I truly believe he’s got a natural gift for coaching. I had a couple of personal breakthrough sessions in my transformation that were the fruit of amazing co-active coaching by Jeremy. I have seen him develop a masterful coaching presence, intuition and skills/techniques at the service of his clients including myself. I truly recommend working with Jeremy. As a seasoned executive, I believe Jeremy’s approach fits very well with Executive coaching. He’s not biased by corporate training and goes deep into the Human side without filters, at the pace allowed by the space he offers to his clients. I’m very thankful to Jeremy for his contributions to my journey.

Aaron Purdie, Vancouver, BC
Associate Director, Programs & Interventions, HIM
Jeremy lead a series of trainings with the team at Health Initiative for Men. The trainings were custom-designed for the team and were intended to address very specific issues that were, while not disastrous, contributing to tension in the workplace. Jeremy’s training matched the needs of the staff perfectly and produced a training that gave skills, and vocabulary to the team – but more importantly, provided an opportunity to co-create understanding and compassion amongst the team. I would highly recommend Jeremy’s training to people who have dynamic, creative teams. Jeremy meets people where they are at, and creates space with his presence and attention.

Kevin French, London, UK
Leadership & Mental Fitness Coach, Sanctus
Jeremy is a fantastic coach and a fabulous person. He is highly intuitive, and knows when to hold space, when to challenge, and when to champion, and does so with such ease and grace. Our coaching journey together has taken my level of self-awareness to new depths, and the coaching has been transformational. I have felt truly seen and witnessed, and this has created space for me to focus on the things that really matter. Thank you so much Jeremy.

Lauren Shuivens, Málaga, Spain
Founder of Samavira Meditation
Jeremy is an amazing and very special type of coach. Combining his expertise in coaching, mindfulness and intuition, he was able to see right through me in each of our sessions, being highly on point with his observations. Jeremy’s support has helped me to shift a number of limiting beliefs about my inner leader, as well as upgrade my mindset, increase my mental strength, and reconnect to my inner voice when I had fallen out of touch with it. I highly recommend working with Jeremy to break through patterns and limitations and start thriving in life. Our work together was deeply transformational.

Janet Corvino, Whistler BC, Owner of SoulCity Yoga
Jeremy Long is skillful in his application of the CO-Active Model as well as artful in his application of its methods. When I was coached by Jeremy I felt safe and supported while working towards deep insights which led to personal clarity I had never dreamed possible. Jeremy uses compassion, a sense of playfulness and intuition while evoking personal transformation. Anyone who has the chance to work with Jeremy will benefit immensely. In part due to Jeremy’s extensive training and passion for what he does, but also due to his honest desire to help others with such kindness and open heart.

Javier, New York, NY on Life Coaching
Teaming up with Jeremy has been a very rewarding experience. Since our first session, he put me at ease which allowed me to open up and let myself be vulnerable without judgement. We discussed my goals, identified what impediments prevented me from reaching them, and strategies to overcome and attain them. After years of therapy, coaching has been a great alternative providing a space to express myself and a way to measure progress. If you’re a believer in personal growth I definitely recommend a session with Jeremy.