Helping new & aspiring Leaders step into their power in career and in life!

Journey 2 Worthy offers individual coaching for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as group training and workshops. Check out what service is best for you, or your team!

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

End mental struggle & self-sabotage with this 7 Week program to boost the strength of your positive mental muscles. Backed by neuroscience, positive psychology, and performance science – this program will change your life!

Personal & Executive Coaching

Discover your potential in life & leadership, grow your strengths, and break through limiting beliefs. Coaching will help you deepen your awareness of yourself, and challenge you to step into your power to live your fullest expression of what you want!

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Team Training & Workshops

Supporting your Team, System or Organization to create the atmosphere, culture, and skillset required for it to thrive. Explore trainings in Emotional, Social & Relationship Intelligence, building agreements and systems that support you to navigate conflict and get the work done more efficiently.

Jeremy Long is skillful in his Coaching as well as artful in his application of his methods. When I was coached by Jeremy I felt safe and supported while working towards deep insights which led to personal clarity I had never dreamed possible. Jeremy uses compassion, a sense of playfulness and intuition while evoking personal transformation. Anyone who has the chance to work with Jeremy will benefit immensely. In part due to Jeremy’s extensive training and passion for what he does, but also due to his honest desire to help others with such kindness and open heart..

Janet Corvino

Let’s make something beautiful together.