How to find Vision: Moments of Mindset with a Wellness Coach!

Kyle Shea ~ Wellness Coach

Kyle Shea, my new found Coach colleague and Super supportive Friend and I recently connected over a common love for people, and our aspirations to become masterful coaches. We met at a coaching seminar hosted in Vancouver by CTI Coaching, Creators of the CO-Creative Coaching Program out of San Francisco. 

Kyle is someone who continues to impress me and will surely impress you in this week’s episode. Kyle is my first Vegan, first Heterosexual, and first Coach I have had on the Journey2Worthy, and I sense a shift emerging from this interview. 

Listen as Kyle walks us through his journey 2 worthy from the path as a straight man (who not surprisingly also had insecurities and difficulty growing up – Go figure!). Kyle shares his gentle demeanor with me and his love and compassion for people as we talk about the Art of Coaching, and the vision we both hold for the future.

DON’T MISS Sample Coaching sessions in this interview:

  • Kyle allows me to probe into his need for perfection, and some fear around success. We explore taking the leap, and not worrying about making mistakes in front of an audience. 


  • Kyle coaches me on my vision for the Journey2Worthy Podcast
  • Kyle takes me back to the time I became a Surfer in Bali, from being thrown around by the RipCurl of the Ocean Waves, to riding my first wave and the Empowerment that came with that moment!
  • Kyle challenges me to channel that version of myself 3 times a day to remember I am capable of feeling like I am ROCKING AT LIFE\

Kyle shares it all from Coaching, his Life Mantra to focus on compassion, and his Daily Routines that ensure Peacefulness & Productivity!




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Episode 24: Gay and Sober? How to Redefine your Identity & Change your Inner Narrative!


Introducing Michael Ianni, my friend and Self-Development Compatriot. You may recognize Michael from the Season 1 Finale – where he interviews me on my Journey2Worthy.

This week, the tables are turned, and Michael explores all things anyone gay & sober could ever wonder about. A TASTE OF WHAT WE COVER:

  • How Michael stopped drinking and drugging and the challenges that followed
  • How to enjoy life without substances
  • Why it’s important to have someone to share with: a coach/counselor/support group
  • How to get perspective on self-development when it feels like you’re getting nowhere
  • How Mindfulness & Yoga have altered his perception on Spirituality
  • AND How exploring the Sex Positive Community can be both overwhelming, transformative (for the good or the bad) and SUPER SEXY!



Michael now finds peace in the mountains and near the ocean. Loves to travel and take pictures. You can usually find him cycling around Vancouver enjoying the outdoors.


What I appreciate about Michael the most, is he is UNAPOLOGETIC about his self-care! He really inspires me to own what I Want & What I need from myself and from others. He is an intermediate student of yoga and is exploring mindfulness through meditation and reaching and thinking about consciousnesses.

Listen as Michael treks through the darkness of self-deception and addiction to the wonderfully funny and insightful man who graces the podcast.

Whether you are a recovering addict or someone who has ever felt like you were different than everyone else, and didn’t want to feel your feelings of doubt and pain
I PROMISE….You will get something out of it!

Don’t miss the key practices that Michael divolves upon us in this heart opening episode LEARN HOW TO REWRITE THE NARRATIVE OF YOUR LIFE!

If you want to get to know Michael better:
Check out his Instagram: @michael.ianni 
You will surely see his love of art, media, and photography
For more provocative Content
Check out his Twitter: @MichaelIanni
You may witness his no holds bar attitude toward politics, News, an Issues of the World.


Episode 23 Letting Love in: A Gay & Spiritual Guide into the New Age


This week is a very special treat….Finally I am diving into Spirituality at a greater depth, and to help me do so is my friend Brad Neate, You absolutely must checkout this AMAZING Guy!!!!


Brad is totally Passionate about LOVE and he has an incredible story!

Have you ever met someone who exudes confidence, happiness and a total non-judgemental attitude that leaves you feeling safe and invited to share with them…well this is what Brad- a man pure and full of nothing but LOVE!

Check out the episode here:

Brad, RMT & Meditation instructor, and overall Good Guy has shifted from young man small town Alberta, running away from life, numbing himself with substances – transformed to the awakened and bright eyed man you see here!

Check out how we dig deep into what spirituality really means, and how consciousness is achieved by focusing on, guess what? LOVE!

Brad shares how to let love in, and let go of negativity by shifting focus through mindfulness and daily practice/commitment to a spiritual way of life. We explore how a very special book called out to him, and transformed his mindset on everything!

The Course in Miracles is a spiritual movement and practice that has been mentioned to me by many people recently including some pretty impactful public figures. A guided experience to the course can be found in a book by Marianne WIlliamson called: A Return to Love. whom I look up to including Jordan Bach –  renowned life coach from New York and gay man with a serious spiritual presence in Social Media, and Gabby Bernstein, a sobriety coach and speaker who inspired the world with her books, one being ‘Spirit Junkie’ (a must read for anyone with an Esoteric side & who is passionate about spirituality in sobriety).

Brad invites me to his beautiful home on the Sea to Sky Highway in the town of Squamish, where outdoor enthusiasts thrive! Find out what his life looks like by Tuning IN! I know you’re going to enjoy!

Please go and check out all his content & sign up for a meditation event on his website:

AND be sure to start following his inspiration on Instagram:



I am Back!!!!! I know it’s been TOO long! I miss you all, so much!

Check out Season 2-Episode 1 Right Here:

This episode covers:

  • What I have been Busy with This summer – Work & Maybe Some Summer Love
  • What’s to come for Season 2 -More Interviews, Insights, and Practices
  • Check out my meltdown moment that led to some serious lessons learned


I have literally MISSED THIS WHOLE PODCAST THING! I am sorry to have been keeping you so long.

I am excited to share more stories, connect with more amazing folks in this crazy social media world, and to share my ongoing life lessons, which usually involve me making a huge Blunder-and picking myself up, and MOVING FORWARD!

This Year has been so eye opening, my career path has changed yet again, with some very exciting upcoming moves, which I will share about – my new Coach Role, as well as being invited by the Universe to Walk with my Head held high! I am literally buzzing with confidence and courage these days, and I want to help you do the same!

Stay tuned this season to hear about what works for me, media that helps lift me up, and be warned – this season is about exploration – Body, Spirit, and Mind! Get Ready for it yall!


Episode 21 Season Finale!

Alright everyone, THIS IS IT! SEASON 1 FINALE is here!

Tune in below to listen as my good friends Michael Ianni, and Piotr Konrad swap roles with me and interview me, putting me in the hot seat exposing all kinds of juicy info for you on the podcast, my own journey, and what’s coming up next!


It’s been quite the Journey 2 Worthy everyone. Before I get into the episode, I want to send you all a HUGE THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! For all the support and love that you have provided during my time producing this show. It has been wonderful to have so many people reach out to me from all over the world sharing your Journey, and stories with me, confirming that this podcast has been reached by people just like me who feel the same way I do!

Michael does a fantastic job of leading this interview where we cover all things Journey2Worthy and what I have discovered about myself and this journey so far. We talk about everything to do with:

  • Life Coaching – My experience creating space for people
  • Advice on how to build a Podcast & Formula for success
  • Season 2 : what is to come
  • GAY PRIDE & What it means to be gay
  • Current Challenges in the Queer Community
  • Volunteering and COmmunity Engagement – How YOU can make a difference





If you have not heard my story already, this episode unpacks a lot of my life experience that lead me to this very point. From:

  • Exposure to extreme and painful bullying as a kid in a small country town
  • A serious drug addiction that put me in jail facing some pretty serious charge
  • My journey to recovery and learning how to be responsible for my life
  • Attaining a pardon for my criminal convictions
  • Going back to school, getting a University Degree with Honours
  • My need to give back to help those who like me need a voice of love and support
  • My lesson in responsibility for my own happiness!


This has been a Journey of a lifetime with so many bumps and Blunders on the way! I know that those of you who know me, know that I have a huge heart and that I try to help as much as I can but my inner critic (Jimmy, the saboteur) often gets the better of me, and it has been hard to see the way out of a depression or funk, BUT…..I ALWAYS DO!

It’s because of all of you that I know that podcast has been useful for myself and for the listeners. I AM SO GRATEFUL, for the lessons I have learned, for sharing this creative process with you, and for looking back and realizing: WOW, I JUST DID THAT!

My life is full of moments where I think to myself – WOW, I never thought I would be here!

SO my message to you, is if it has been hard, or if you are feeling alone in the darkness of your mind, PLEASE HOLD ON!



Please keep an eye on my social media the rest of this summer to see what I am up to:

Shout me out on Instagram:
@Journey2Jeremy OR Journey 2 worthy Facebook page



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Episode 20: Interior Design, In Home and Heart. How to Give Up What You Know, and Go for What You Want!

Hello my lovelies,

This week, my guest is Chad Schmuland, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, and Inspiration to anyone who is wishing to reassess their direction and move forward to fulfill their dreams by going out on their own.




CSD Headshot

Have you ever thought to yourself?
I am not happy!
I want a new direction!
I have always wanted to be a: (Insert Dream Job or Business idea here!)

IF YES! Then you need to tune in to this episode with Chad as we discuss how failures and dead-ends can in fact be the catalyst that drives you further toward the life of your dreams!

Chad went back to school after a successful career in Retail, after finding himself unhappy with his position in life. Chad took the leap, started over, and has now found a career as a Designer that allows him to be creative in the workplace, but more importantly, to build connections and relationships with people who inspire him!

Chad and I discuss all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a designer and how his role as a professional allows him to implement an element of coaching with his clients, bringing out the best sides of them, and reflecting that in his designs!


Chad explains some of the processes in working with clients, what design training entails, and his stunning personal design style which is inspired by Miami/Ultra Modern/Beach House escape!

You will definitely want to check out Chad’s instagram Page for inspiration! Or Reach out to Chad about design for your home through his website:

I was SO thrilled to hear about the Passion Chad has for his clients,
BUT also about how much he values networking and relationships with people in his community!

Chad explains the importance of asking for help and seeking guidance from those who have already learned valuable lessons on entrepreneurship. Chad hosts Networking events regularly to help new business owners build relationships and connections to benefit everyone in his community! WOW! So Impressive!

I will be attending one of these events this week to hear speakers from some leading businesses in social media marketing and social media influence! (more info to come soon!)

From a young gay kid bullied in school (just like myself), (just like a lot of gay men who were ever in high school) to a confident, and inspiring business man who trusts his intuition, Chad shares his life authentically with us at Journey2Worthy and I know you will be as inspired by his story as I was!

SO Tune in to the podcast and let the waves of Chad Schmuland Design wash away your fears about taking a risk in business!

If you have the passion and believe in yourself, you have to listen to that voice! 
DO Something, and Take that Risk to Make it Happen!‘ (Chad Schmuland)

Miami Beach

This episode is available on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify!

Reach out to Chad about Design, Networking, or to just drop a question and connect with Chad through his website: 
or Email:

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for EVEN MORE inspiration!


Episode 19: ‘I am Not a Girl’ : Local Theatre Producer tests community with talk on Gender Dysphoria

This week I have something a little different, I interview Bill Hubbard, a producer and writer about his upcoming play opening this month in Vancouver. The play ‘I am Not a Girl’ portrays the life of a young person who struggles with identity, eventually leading her down a rabbit hole of confusion with sexuality, and eventually a life changing acceptance of ‘Gender Dysphoria’ which allows Erica to realize, that she in fact is ‘Eric.’

Tune in to this week’s episode here:

Bill Hubbard, writer and creator of ‘I am not a Girl’  provides a powerful explanation for his reasoning and passion behind the creation of the play while emphasizing the importance of theatre and entertainment having a role in education to the community on Trans representation and Trans rights.

For anyone that wishes to explore what this play has to offer, come join me in watching this play in Vancouver at the CULTCH (Buy Tickets Here), an innovative arts and cultural hub for VANCITY.


Please check out Bill’s website for a description on the play, but also on future productions with his organization, ‘Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Production Society,’ Catchy Name right?

As I sit with Bill, I really see the passion he has for making a difference in society today by being edgy and brutally honest and raw with the play, showing the realities, dark and light with the process of transition. Bill shares his concerns with how stigma and judgement are totally Screwed up in today’s views on Gender, and how we only now are  seeing the spectrum of identity and gender that will eventually have to change for the world.

Join me this week as Bill takes us on a journey of understanding, education, acceptance and inclusion. And please be willing to have conversations and do your own research, to help us end the stigma surrounding gender fluidity and transgender people.

Bill Hubbard Making waves with ‘I Am Not a Girl’ playing soon at the Vancouver CULTCH

Myself being a gay man with some pretty serious sis male caucasian privileges can see the struggles and only can begin to grasp the strength and courage it takes to believe in yourself, to choose who you want to be regardless of what society thinks and says. I love knowing that Bill is willing to educate the public, and I hope he does cause a stir, because maybe that’s what society needs!

ALSO…feel free to attend the special Matinee version of the play on June 24 1-3, with an interactive dialogue component starting right after the play ends to allow people to Ask the questions they want, to contribute to a discussion on gender identity, and gender dysphoria. Get educated people, its the only way to change!

Much love as you go on from here and spread the love!

Thanks for listening!

Episode 18: Jeremy’s 3 Things



BECAUSE….Sometimes I don’t always have an actual interview OR an in depth episode prepared or edited in time,

WHY…because I’m human….AND I have allowed my schedule working long hours on the Passenger train traveling through the ROCKY MOUNTAINS overtake my creative endeavors, causing me to adjust! BUT It’s Gorgeous….SO I will share some photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Interesting thought, I did not want to go through this week without publishing the Journey2Worthy Podcast, because I LOVE YOU GUYS! And I am committed to this podcast!

Journey2Worthy is one of the first things I have ever started that I literally feel so great about doing. You know that thought when you see someone who knew their whole life that they wanted to accomplish something, like go to law school or start a business….YA WELL THAT WASN’T ME!

I never knew what I wanted to do, without it at least taking some serious overthinking, trying a bunch of the wrong things, or settling for something less than satisfying….AND then FINALLY! IT HIT ME!  Journey2Worthy. The first real creative idea I have ever felt compelled to act on, something that felt so right, that I can’t NOT follow through with it,  a CALLING, an INTUITION, something that arrived in my mind that I absolutely feel like I am supposed to do.

SO…This week, is simple, It’s 3 things on my mind, QUICK & DIRTY, and to the Point!

SO Tune in to the Three Things of the week:
1. Come to your Senses (a practice in mindfulness and presence)
2. Imbalance is Inevitable
3. Follow your intuition!

TUNE IN Below to Learn what I think is important about these topics!

AND let me know what you think, how you are impacted, or if this was a waste of your time…because ya know what, I think it won’t be a waste. I think you’re actually gonna like it! Because I know these things are important, and every time I honour what I am experiencing and share it with you, honestly and straight up (well as straight as I’ll ever be), that is when I get the best feedback that reminds me what I am doing matters. SO.. I hope it matters to you!

Sending you positive vibes from the Rails!


Episode 16: The Doctor is in! Being Gay & Accessing Healthcare with Dr. Kit Fairgrieve

Meet DR. KIT! My Super Queer Positive, AMAZING friend, who pays attention to the needs of the QUEER Community in his work in medicine.


This episode features a dear friend, Dr. Kit Fairgrieve who has been working in the medical field for the last decade and has found his place in medical treatment focusing on Addictions here in Vancouver.

Kit, now works on the Addiction Medicine Consult Team and Rapid Access Addiction Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital, and is also the Associate Fellowship Director of the clinical addiction medicine fellowship.  His interests include clinical addiction medicine, medical education, and addiction research.

If any of topics below peak your interest, this episode will be great for you! TUNE IN HERE:


Do you have a problem with substance abuse? Are you considering changing your life? Do you want to understand what’s available to you? Do you want to slow things down? Or just talk about making some changes? LISTEN UP! AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED SUPPORT!!!

WHAT ABOUT SMOKING?!! Do you want to stop smoking?

Kit gives us options on what to try and where to start. Whether it’s a medication that helps with cravings (Champix), or E-cigarettes that dramatically reduce health risks when compared to smoking regular cigarettes.

Check out the book I read to quit smoking, COLD TURKEY, HERE: Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking.
Learn the tips here to quit today!

And did you know in BC, you can get a FREE 3 Month Supply of craving killing medication (Zyban or CHampix) if you call 211 and ask for support!

ALSO in VANCOUVER there is a smoking cessation clinic at Vancouver General Hospital, self-referred that will support you today!


Kit covers basics on alcohol consumption and Suggested Daily Drinking Guidelines provided by Tim Stockwell of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research, who pokes holes in the previous claim that daily alcohol (a glass of red wine at dinner) is actually good for your health.
Check out the article for more insight HERE


Kit Talks weed consumption and provides some basics of Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines(LRCUG) created in Toronto.

Check out what the New York Times says about the concerns for use of WEED, have we even heard about its effects? Check out what the NY Times says on impacts of THC HERE!


Are you having sex? Are you getting tested regularly? Is drug or alcohol use impacting your choice in sexual behaviour? Do you take any precautions?

We talk about being aware of your options and want to empower people to make good choices.

HAVE you ever accessed a Gay Health Clinic? Are you in Vancouver? Check out the Health Initiative for Men, a fabulous place to talk about your sexual health. If you need help finding a doctor to talk to in your area, please contact me to help you find one.

Being Gay & Accessing HealthCare

Kit also engages us with some insight into what it is like accessing medical services and what it means to be part of the LGBTQ community and access healthcare? Kit provides specific resources to bring forward to your doctor if you want your doctor to learn how better to serve you as a member of the QUEER community. FIND OUT MORE HERE!

AND Check out Kit’s contribution to a canadian version of this document being witten now, hopefully out later this year!

THANKS AGAIN for everything listeners! You are the best!


Episode 15: Getting Real Part 2: Dealing with Bad Days & Depression.

This week….was a hard week. Like really hard! And I didn’t know how to get through it, because sometimes the dark part of the mind takes over, and makes you feel alone, and helpless.

Well, I luckily have learned that the only way I can get through it, is to trick myself into doing what I don’t want to, but that I know is right. SO, Please tune in this week, and listen to me get real with you about depression, substance use, and how I deal with life sometimes, even when it seems super tough to handle.

I know you can do it too!

Tune in here:


If you need help, you feel alone, and you are struggling, reach out! DON’T DO THIS ALONE!


The biggest lesson I have learned is that by myself I end up scared, alone, and not knowing the way of my own dark moods and situations in life. BUT…when I get vulnerable, and stop trying to figure it out on my own, when I stop fearing looking weak to my friends and loved ones, and let go of the fear that my feelings will just be a burden on those around me……


If you have been feeling down, and don’t know how to shake the negativity, and if your mood is affecting your life, you’re sleeping too much, you can’t shake the feeling of doom and gloom…TAKE THIS LITTLE TEST: SELF CHECK


If you please if you need help accessing or finding services in your area, please reach out to me here on my website, on instagram or send me a direct email:

NO ONE should need to feel alone if they are dealing with dark feelings that are holding you down, and making you feel bad about yourself.


I just really don’t want to hear about any more gay men, or and queer people feeling that suicide and self harm and abuse is a solution to pain, PLEASE, reach out!

I wish you all the most amazing week, and I am sending you all amazing vibes!

LOVE, Jeremy