Developing Dynamic Leaders who Dare to Grow

Leadership Coaching is for emerging leaders, managers, business owners, & individuals who are ready to take ownership of their growth and impact on the world. This 1:1 coaching relationship is tailored to your needs as a leader. With assessments, tools, & courageous conversations, you will grow as a dynamic leader, and shift towards a purpose driven life!

Outcomes often include:

  • Improved performance & impact as a leader
  • Stronger connection to personal vision
  • Self-inquiry to expand self-awareness and self-management ability
  • Values-driven approach to self-leadership & integrity
  • Improve mental fitness and capacity to see challenge and conflict as opportunity
  • Expanded ability to lead and communicate with your team, colleagues, and peers

Working with Me:

As a Co-Active Certified Coach I stand for transformation, commitment and expansion in leadership. Working with me is a creative and fulfilling process of discovery and challenge. I encourage bravery and trust, with a side of discomfort, to remove barriers and awaken the force within you.

What people are saying:

Lauren S., founder of Samavira Meditation

Jeremy is an amazing and very special type of coach. Combining his expertise in coaching, mindfulness and intuition, he was able to see right through me in each of our sessions, being highly on point with his observations.

Jeremy’s support has helped me to shift a number of limiting beliefs about my inner leader, as well as upgrade my mindset, increase my mental strength, and reconnect to my inner voice when I had fallen out of touch with it.

I highly recommend working with Jeremy to break through patterns and limitations and start thriving in life. Our work together was deeply transformational.