Hey! Nice to meet you, I’m Jeremy.

I’m here to help you figure yourself out. How, by figuring myself out, publicly to share with you what makes me tick. This site and my podcast provide stories of how I fight the battle against my own brain that tells me I am not good enough, maybe you can relate?

Here I share how I have overcome adversity, battled substance abuse, survived going to prison as a teen, from a high school dropout, to a University Grad. From an overweight insecure lost little boy, to a confident, fit and healthy man.

I provide my struggles with depression and anxiety, and explain a way to respond to the stresses of life with balance, and ease.

Just a guy with some life experience that wants to show you how I fight back against insecurities. This is how I choose to have a good life, filled with purpose, love, and wellbeing, I hope I share something that can help you on your journey.