Jeremy Long

Jeremy is a skillful coach dedicated to developing leaders and improving team results that create a lasting impact in the workplace.  Jeremy brings a dynamic experience of people development having worked in Hospitality, Tourism and the non-profit sector, which influenced his passion for leadership and team development. He is a certified professional coach with a focus on emotional/social intelligence and mental fitness, supporting leaders to leverage their range and strengths in business and life.

Jeremy’s values driven approach will help you expand your self-awareness and range as a leader. He implements tools in conflict resolution, relationship systems, communication, mindfulness and empowers people to see challenges as opportunities for growth. 


Working with Jeremy

I work with an Explorative & encouraging philosophy to coaching where my clients uncover how they see the world, and get curious about what is possible. With a values driven approach, I ask deep questions encouraging clients to fully step into their authentic selves. My use of intuition and observations help clients develop deeper self-awareness, and offer a playful push to create opportunities they may not have realized they were capable of. Sessions usually involve physical movement, slight discomfort, and a whole lot of vision and excitement.

Working with Jeremy may include coaching on topics like:

  • Identifying values and your life purpose to guide you in decision making
  • Identifying your unique strengths & talents to build self esteem and self confidence
  • Expand your range as a leader, and create strategies to move your career forward
  • Managing Emotions in life and at work
  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • Finding Work Life balance to support feelings of overwhelm & anxiety
  • Practicing Direct communication and learning to embrace conflict

Get to know me

As a proud member of the LGBTQ2+ Community, Jeremy knows the strength and courage it takes to live a life you are truly proud of. He believes we can achieve anything we put our minds to, with a little support.

Jeremy is an intuitive coach committed to transformation through self awareness and talent development, leading to improvement in EQ and Leadership in all areas of life.