Leadership is………WHAT?

This is a question that has recently baffled me, as I continue on my Journey2Worthy, I started to realize that my definition of Leadership was changing.

If you have always thought as Leadership as the man in charge, the senior manager, the CEO, and that is it, I have news for you! Tune in to this special episode on Leadership:
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I was blessed with the opportunity to take part in the 3 day Leadership Experience put on by Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and my understanding of Leadership has been continuously shifted ever since. Check out a video by some of their facilitators here:

The Leadership Model:

CTI showed me that Leadership takes on all types of roles, as seen in the image above. 5 Leadership Roles: notice when you have acted as a leader in your life.

Leader Within

We are taught to look outward when we are young to determine who we are supposed to be, and are taught to value what we do rather than who we are, trying to become something. Leader within is about Self-Acceptance and Self-Authority where you learn to take responsibility for yourself, where you learn about who you are – your values – and how to honor them.

Leader in Front

Much different than the Buerocratic Top Down Leadership you may be familiar with or tend to expect. Leader from the front is about connecting people you are leading to the the clear vision you have for them, and supporting and inspiring them to work towards that vision, enrolling them in what’s important.

Leader Behind

This is all about supporting the Leader’s vision, making the vision come to reality, cheering people on who need reminding that their vision is possible. Very much my role as an Empowerment Coach.

Leader Beside

This deviates from the typical one CEO, one leader in charge, to a place of sharing leadership. Co-Leads will learn to fully show up, willing to make mistakes knowing their Leader beside will help them if they fall, leaning into trust. Each Lead will be 100% fully themselves and will challenge and grow the other, allowing them to take bigger risks and learn more what is possible.

Leader in the Field

Probably one of my personal favorites, this Leader will be the person sensing what is needed, capturing a global view of the energy surrounding the situation – and then acting on that knowledge to bring about a new idea or understanding. I know this sounds woohoo, but if you notice the meeting you are in is tense, and needs a shift in energy – what can you do? Perhaps you have already been the change maker before, shifting gears with a joke, or a new idea – this is exactly what leading from the field is all about.

My Learnings

Tune in to the episode to hear more about my understanding of Leadership, and how you can learn to lead in a new way, because what I have learned is that we are all Leaders and have a responsibility for the impact we create!

It is possible that if like me, you always felt stuck following others, leading from behind, but resenting it, that you may need a reframe on Leadership as I did. You see, we need to have the right supports in our lives to help us expand and fulfill our potential as leaders, but it starts with knowing, understanding and honoring your Leader within – take initiative for what you want, which is what I am excited to say I am learning.

Sometimes this means embracing your story, who you are, your pains, fears, what you have overcome, and using that experience as information and inspiration to lead others through similar experiences.

For example, my challenges in addiction, negative self talk, fear, and doubt is what inspired me to start the Journey2Worthy Podcast, it is how I have Led from the field to offer what I felt was needed. It is also how I Lead from the front to offer my vision of what I hope for you all, a life filled with opportunity, that I know you can create, even when it doesn’t feel that way, when you feel like you are alone, and when your inner critic tells you otherwise.

Tune in this week to learn more about Leadership, to challenge what you know to be true about it, and reach out to let me know what Leadership means to you!

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify and right here:

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