The end of the year is near, and it’s time to take back control and shift your perspective to navigate the holiday season

It’s that time of year where so many emotions take the stage. From happiness spemnding time with friends and family to Reflection on the Year past and the year ahead. OH…and Then there is Anxiety, that comes to spoil all the fun.

That feeling manifested in our minds, that eventually is passed on to our odies, causing us to feel that fight or flight feeling take over control.

Well if you are experiencing it, you are not alone.

I get anxiety from time to time, and I have learned that its not always proportionate to what is actually going on. You see I have learned that I have an over creative imagination, that when used for good, can create greatness, but when used for bad, creates Doomsday out of nothing.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Journey 2 Worthy Podcast to hear how to manage your Anxiety with some tips and perspectives that have helped me.

First I want you to know, I do not claim to be an expert with any training on anxiety management, but I do know what it’s like to be overtaken by it, and this is how I have learned to manage myself when it comes up.

Today’s episode is about Self-Awareness of your mind and body. It is also about courage!

How many times have you felt the feeling of Anxiety crop up, but then you try to avoid thinking about it, feeling it, or facing any thoughts that it could be linked to.


It has been my journey that, I usually do not really want to face what the anxiety means, therefore I avoid the symbols my anxiety may represent.


  1. Because I know I am indeed avoiding feeling something. This leaves me feeling blocked, and inauthentic to what my mind and body are telling me.
  2. I have realized I may me missing out on a very valuable lesson or piece of information that may benefit me in the long run.

The Problem is Courage takes effort, awareness, and its uncomfortable. We usually do not want to face what the anxiety may mean.

For Example: I have had anxiety which I presume is linked to people close to me in my life, including my romantic partner. I have had anxiety that stems from a discomfort or shame about my own behaviour or who how I have let myself down.

It can be crippling when it takes over.


I have good news for you!

I am happy to declare some key learnings about this experience.

I initially want to avoid what the anxiety could be signaling to me about change I may need in my life. But when I decide for a moment to face what it may mean, feeling the negative feeling that comes along with facing it (sometimes with the help of a coach or friend), I often find some hidden learning about my situation!

For example, if you have ever had doubts within a relationship in your life – that you did not wish to face because you loved the person, and you feared the outcome of facing it may be negative.

What I have learned, is that to have Courage to Face the feeling, to sit with it, to accept whatever it could mean….that after facing the scary feelings that come up – sometimes the outcome is not what I expected.

You see, sometimes the anxiety I felt, that led to wanting to avoid it, to eventually facing it and feeling what it could mean, led me down a path to feeling like I can handle anything that comes my way. And when I face my fears, my feelings, and bring them to the attention of those involved, I have been happily surprised that the feelings were not a sign of DOOM to come, but simply a sign of a needed conversation that would lead to a change.


YES, your anxiety may feel scary, because you have made up your mind what it means, but when you face it, and bring light to the darkness you are feeling, sometimes a wonderful shift can take place, making room for an even better outcome than we imagined.

In my experience, as someone who can make up the worst about a situation, when I actually get real with myself and others, sometimes beautiful clarity, vulnerability and potential for change can come from that moment!

Sometimes all that anxiety is telling me, is that I am out of balance – that I am not honoring a part of myself that is important. It can be as simple as that!

I am usually grateful for the moments I can be honest with myself and others, and give the universe a chance to do it’s thing to bring me fulfillment. Because when I lack trust that I can manage, I may be ripping myself off of an opportunity for learning.

What are you avoiding that could offer you a chance for learning?


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