BECAUSE….Sometimes I don’t always have an actual interview OR an in depth episode prepared or edited in time,

WHY…because I’m human….AND I have allowed my schedule working long hours on the Passenger train traveling through the ROCKY MOUNTAINS overtake my creative endeavors, causing me to adjust! BUT It’s Gorgeous….SO I will share some photos

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Interesting thought, I did not want to go through this week without publishing the Journey2Worthy Podcast, because I LOVE YOU GUYS! And I am committed to this podcast!

Journey2Worthy is one of the first things I have ever started that I literally feel so great about doing. You know that thought when you see someone who knew their whole life that they wanted to accomplish something, like go to law school or start a business….YA WELL THAT WASN’T ME!

I never knew what I wanted to do, without it at least taking some serious overthinking, trying a bunch of the wrong things, or settling for something less than satisfying….AND then FINALLY! IT HIT ME!  Journey2Worthy. The first real creative idea I have ever felt compelled to act on, something that felt so right, that I can’t NOT follow through with it,  a CALLING, an INTUITION, something that arrived in my mind that I absolutely feel like I am supposed to do.

SO…This week, is simple, It’s 3 things on my mind, QUICK & DIRTY, and to the Point!

SO Tune in to the Three Things of the week:
1. Come to your Senses (a practice in mindfulness and presence)
2. Imbalance is Inevitable
3. Follow your intuition!

TUNE IN Below to Learn what I think is important about these topics!

AND let me know what you think, how you are impacted, or if this was a waste of your time…because ya know what, I think it won’t be a waste. I think you’re actually gonna like it! Because I know these things are important, and every time I honour what I am experiencing and share it with you, honestly and straight up (well as straight as I’ll ever be), that is when I get the best feedback that reminds me what I am doing matters. SO.. I hope it matters to you!

Sending you positive vibes from the Rails!


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