Welcome to week 2!

This week I discuss what it’s like to feel like an imposter and a fraud, like we don’t deserve our accomplishments, but we do!

If you have a hard time receiving compliments, and think that people around you give you more credit than you deserve, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome! This is a real issue in the LGBTQ Community and for anyone who has been bullied, and seeks validation and acceptance.

Famous celebrities get it all the time:

Jodie Foster
‘When I won the Oscar, I thought it was a fluke. I thought everybody would find out, and they’d take it back. They’d come to my house, knocking on the door, “Excuse me, we meant to give that to someone else. That was going to Meryl Streep.”‘
Lady Gaga
‘I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school and I just have to pick myself up and tell myself that I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be.’
Tina Fey
‘The beauty of the impostor syndrome is you vacillate between extreme egomania and a complete feeling of: “I’m a fraud! Oh God, they’re on to me! I’m a fraud!” So you just try to ride the egomania when it comes and enjoy it, and then slide through the idea of fraud.’

Check out the earliest work on this condition by Author, Pauline Clance: The Impostor Phenomenon: When Success Makes You Feel Like a Fake 

Join me in this exercise in acknowledging your hard work and check out tips on celebrating victories and accomplishments (11:00) What if you you deserve your life, and it’s going according to plan (14:35).

Consider naming and labeling that voice in your head that’s trying to sabotage you. Take Shirzad Chamine’s assessment to find which saboteur you may struggle with (16:00): https://www.positiveintelligence.com/

Become your own Superhero through affirmations and gratitude (18:30).

Thanks for all the support for the podcast.